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Fragile and exquisite, self-contained and safe. Louise Richardson’s work is absorbed with process; the putting on and taking off of things, of discovery and investigation. From a stock of hoarded goods the artist builds a library of resources to draw from.


 Ruth Hardinger  17th Envoy

Concrete and cardboard

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Floating memory *

Floating Memory uses hand stitching as a metaphor of time, which binds together pieces of my family’s history. Through painstaking hand stitching, each unique, delicate handkerchief is connected to the next, creating a map of memory. The new seams joining each of the 40 aged, delicate handkerchiefs mirror their detailed embroidered edging, which were hand sewn by my grandmother. Natural holes in the fabric from the wear of time serve as metaphors for memory and the little scars accumulated over a lifetime. Billowing in the soft breeze like a floating wave, the handkerchief tapestry symbolizes the fragile and ephemeral existence of memory.”


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by Michael Chase

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